Analysis and milling process of wheat and maize at Mombasa Maize miller


Masoud Ally Mwakuphaka


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Mombasa Maize Millers ltd was established in Mombasa Island in the year 1978. It started as a small milling industry which could only produce maize flour. In the year 1991, wheat mill was introduced. During this time, the company could only produce small quantities of flour due to poor technology and machines. During this time packaging was done manually, pack line machines currently used had not been introduced. In the year 1992 feed mill was introduced, the aim was to produce feeds for livestock, during this time the nation had put some effort in growing the agricultural sector through rearing of domestic animals and planting of crops.

When the feed mill was introduced, all the three mills were located at the same location. Later on in the year 2015, a modernized feed mill was established with new technology and high efficiency machines. As it is now, the new feed mill produces fifty tonnes in eight hours while the old feed mill could produce only twenty tonnes of feeds in eight hours. Machines of high technology continued to flow into the company hence raising its production and the quality of the products. Currently the company is under taking a project to establish its own sub-power station to reduce the power shortages that are always experienced.

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