Water treatment for human consumption in Egerton University.

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Background information

The department of Water and Sanitation Egerton University is located inside the institution near The Confucius Institute. The department deals with water treatment to supply the institution with enough water for the students and the staffs, piping system repair which includes lot of plumbing, manhole unblocking, borehole maintenance and waste water treatment

1.1 Objective

1. Water treatment processes 

2. Water quality testing

3. Plumbing  and

4. Waste water treatment.

1.2 Goals

1. To understand about water treatment ,quality parameters and standards 

2. To learn how to test water based on these parameters 

3. To discuss on water quality related issues at Egerton University

4. To understand the preventive measures on the water issues 

5. To get experience in working in a quite different field 

6. To enhance my communication skills 


7. To achieve a professional experience


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